Fur-Trimmed Eyeglass Case

I know what you’re thinking…it looks like a piece of “doo-doo”, however, it’s not! Leave it to Lionbrand to come up with something where geez, you have to buy two skeins of their yarn to make some piddly little stupid looking case for your glasses! Not to mention it’s the expensive yarn too. I’d suggest leftover yarn for this project and it’d only make sense…how much are you going to use anyways? About 2 yards of it? LOL! Brown is just so wrong for this case…soooo wrong in so many ways and then trim it with some lime green fun fur…oh dear! If they didn’t put a pair of glasses sticking out of this thing, what would you think it is? 😐

31 Comments to “Fur-Trimmed Eyeglass Case”

  1. Nevermind, that wool looks a bit fuzzy. Unless it’s lined, it would leave lint all over your glasses, which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a case.

  2. OH HEY…. I GET IT!!!

    The fur will clean your glasses as you put them in and take them out lol
    Not to mentions all of the dust and lent it will pick up as you carry it in your purse or lay it on your desk.
    It really is multifunctional
    Maybe the swiffer people will be interested in this item…

  3. wow – total poop. even with the glasses sticking out, I probably would have assumed that they just ate glasses and then pooped them out.


  4. I can think of other things to put in there, but this is a clean web site, right?

  5. Come on, people.

    You buy two skeins of Lion Brand yarn and make a whole bunch of those, um, those, uh, things. Then you sell them at what will be the most popular craft booth ever at Springtime Tallahassee for $738.44 each and become a bahzillionnaire in just one day and get your picture on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens and Star Magazine. You also are chosen as The Donald’s next apprentice, which causes an envious Martha Stewart to race through Kmart with an uzi on a mad murder spree, in which only cans of MS Living paints are riddled with bullets as everyone is shopping at Wal-Mart these days and the Big K doesn’t carry Lion Brand yarn.

    Does the Queen of The World always have to explain everything to everybody? Gosh!

  6. Totally agree. Glasses cases are for scraps.

    Not brand new skeins of chenille, and God knows, fun fur is just dumb. Usually, you want to grab your glasses quickly, sun, reading… any kind, really. Fun fur would just get in the way. For one thing, you’re likely to get a fingerful of it when you’re trying to pinch your frames to pull them out. For another, how easy would it for the hinges to get caught on that stuff?

    It could potentially be made to look nice… but the execution here is just fuh-hugly.

    Incidentally, since you asked the question… if the glasses weren’t in it, I’d think it was a vibrator cozy, complete with faux pubic hair.

  7. are you sure it’s not a Zanthorrhoea johnsonii (www.grasstree.com) ? i’ve been looking for one at the local markets. went hiking around the dandenongs of melboune and it seemed the grass trees there were suffering from some fungus. they looked like this crap.

  8. Hi there, I just came across your site–I don’t knit, crochet, or even sew, but oh my gosh your site is hilarious. Thanks for some seriously good laughs–my eyes were watering after reading your posts! 🙂

  9. It looks like it needs a bikini wax 😦

  10. Those Lionbrand folks will do anything to sell their rotten yarn. Icky.

    It’s a tad too reminiscent of stuff from crochetmycrotch.com. I don’t think my glasses would be at all comfortable there!

  11. oh crap, where did i leave my glasses……….

  12. Why does lionbrand put fun fur on everything? Yick, at least I know why the patterns are free.

  13. Hardshell eyeglass cases are the only kind I’ll use.

  14. I want to sincerely thank all of you.

    You’ve set my uneasy mind to rest…a little.

    When my first impression of this was “how and why did they
    make a piece of excrement out of Homespun and Fun Fur,
    I truly thought I MUST be losing it, and/or need some new glasses, come to think of it!

    Approx $ 5.50 per skein for Homespun….@ $11.00

    Another $3.50 per – for Fun Fur (who SAYS you can’t buy FUN!
    @ 3.50

    You Time decipering the LB pattern
    (varies of course) @approx 15.00

    Total cost, not counting gas and
    incidentals $29.50

    The look on your “favorite” in-laws’
    face when you say it was this, or the
    buttery soft leather one “with no heart”,
    and you wanted her to have something
    more …well, personal. Priceless!

  15. I would’ve actually thought that was a hunk of grass someone dug up! Geez!! I’ve been crocheting for 26 yeas and I’ve never seen anything like THAT!!

  16. Reminds me of something I tripped over in the backyard recently when I had to let the dog out to powder her nose. . .


  17. On the bright side, if you DO wear eyeglasses, you can just take them off, and then everything on your website looks sooo prettttyyy ….

  18. Oh, that’s nice auntchrissy Of course, it I’m self-concsious about wearing glasses, I can use this case! People will be so busy gawking at this butt-ugly case that they won’t even notice how geeky I look in my specs!

  19. Ohmigod – can you imagine sticking your hand in your purse to fetch your glasses and feeling this creepy fuzzy thing in there. And with that big loopy chenille, your earpiece thingies would get caught in them every time.

    Just discovered your site today and have bookmarked. LOVE IT. Also a great reminder to us crafters not to take ourselves too seriously. We do NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE something. These hilarious posts remind us that sometimes, it’s better just to take a nap.

  20. They could have at least sewed googly eyes on it.

  21. I’d rather not say !!!!

  22. Troll-doll glasses case?

  23. ya know, in it’s current state, it looks like a furry, unfinished tiki god. just slap some linear, menacing facial features on in tan yarn (to compliment the charming wood-grain produced by the poo-brown yarn) and you’re good to go.

  24. Look at the positive side. You make this for people who keep asking you to make something for them! Unless they are insane, they will never request another hand made gift again!

  25. Willie Warmer. Without the optional ‘hammock’.

  26. Looks like a turd with fuzz growing on it. I find those in the spring when the snow melts. My dogs do their business, and if I don’t find it to clean up before the snow covers it, that is what happens.

  27. When in doubt, trim it in Fun Fur…the Lion Brand creed in action.

  28. “If they didn’t put a pair of glasses sticking out of this thing, what would you think it is?”

    My guess? A wienie warmer.

  29. If it weren’t for the glasses popping out of it i would have said what the !@#$$% is that supposed to be.

  30. OMG … I actually MADE one of those … more than one actually … but it was way before I ever saw this picture or found out that someone had actually written a PATTERN for one!
    btw – it the picture didn’t have glasses in it, I would not have thought of it as a glasses case … or a sock for “Peter” or “Willie” … I would have called it a phone sock (yes – “phone socks” are another totally useless/tacky item to crochet/knit/whatever – lol) – because I use one to keep my mobile phone in … well … I had to use it for something … LOL

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