Fluff Wrap

Ha ha, hee hee…why am I laughing so much? Fluffy yarn in a wrap for Spring! I can’t get over this one…ugly yet so funny too…lime green in fluff…crocheted into a wrap. Could it get any more hilarious than that? Looking fuzzy and hairy for Spring definitely must be an in and fashion forward look…can’t wait to see it on the streets!

Oh, hey, it goes with the Lime Green purse! Tres chic!

As an aside, what’s with the fake clouds and blue sky in the background? LOL!

20 Comments to “Fluff Wrap”

  1. I think it might be handy!! If you’re into sailing, you could look at that thing and tell which way the wind is blowing! Of course it might get fleas, but nothing’s perfect!

  2. Ah, green. The colour of spring, rookies, vomit, and everything else that’s truly tacky and tasteless—in other words, vintage fug!

    Green fun fur. The direct result of drinking and entire pitcher of margaritas made with homemade tequila and rotten limes, then attacking all that yarn you bought on sale at about the same time. Remember kids: Drinking and crocheting DON’T mix. Friends don’t let friends crochet while under the influence.

    That is all.

  3. God intended eyelash yarns to be a trim. If it’s woven entirely from fun fur, it’s a fug. Period.

    If for no other reason than the stuff is uncomfortable. It’s synthetic and sticks to you the moment a drop of sweat should, gasp, actually leak from your body.

    And why, oh why, did they make fun fur in a… what the hell is that? It’s like a muted camo or something. It’s awful. She looks like she’s wearing an unmown, dying summer lawn on her torso.

  4. It kinda looks like it’s made from moss to me.

  5. When you’re that young, you can wear (almost) anything. I see her as a guest on Sesame Street:
    Oscar (the Grouch, who has a similar covering), “Are we related? Shut up! Hey, I can see your tummy!”

  6. can you imagine wearing this on a hot summer day and having little green specks of fug fur stuck to your body from sweating, so instead of looking like you have a hairy green chest and back, you really would!! Now that is glam!!

  7. This will really date me.

    Anyone remember that long ago, and deservedly far away
    “song” from the 60’s or early 70’s…”We made love in my
    Chevy Van”?

    Well, that IS the pre-used carpet he used in the back of that
    love bus…still reeking of carpet glue, unspeakable filth, and pot. Her MOTHER could have been conceived there.
    I tell you, none of that carpet ever WORE out…there were exorcisms, burnings, and now….it appears as “Fun Fur”, it’s
    IMMORTAL….much like SPRING.

  8. Oh, dear Gott in himmel, Kat-Z—that 70’s song is on my husband’s “Ten Most Despised Songs” list! The look of pure horror on his face at the mere mention of it to something to behold. And your comments sum up the whole concept of green fun fur so aptly, i.e.,:

    Unlike the green, green grass of home, this junk not only doesn’t fade with time, it manages to get even greener. . .

  9. Hi from Canada, Your blog is a hoot!!! These photos/projects are amazingly ugly!!! I like your posts too and the comments of your readers. If you ever look into knitted items, I don’t think Sally Melville’s sweaters that are 2 different lengths on each side of the front, can be topped for weird. I just did a post about her patterns a few days ago. Hope you will stop by my blog soon.

    BFN, Geraldine 🙂

  10. the first thing i thought of was a burnt out lawn the only thing that would make iy fuglier is some crocheted flowers on it!! i cant imagine why they didnt thibk of it!!

  11. That shirt looks like she killed an animal and cut out a shirt……an ugly GREEN animal!!

  12. okay who let the cat throw up the lawn again!!!!!!!!! the problem i have is she actually looks like she enjoys wearing it. i dont get it i just dont get it. must burn all fun fur stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dang it, honey! I TOLD you that stuff in the fridge was beginning to breathe and you needed to throw it out. Now, look, it’s eating some poor girl! Well, I’m NOT going to clean THAT up.

  14. You have ALL got it wrong. You’ve all heard of Trekkies, right? Well, THIS one is for Grinchies, and we’re all gonna wear it on GRINCH DAY! Check your local channel stations for the next The Grinch Who Stole Christmas airing, the Jim Carey version, mind you.

  15. One of the worst crimes in the history of fashion design …someone oughta find that chick and stop her before she strikes again!!!

  16. Sadly, this woman’s life was cut short by a nearsighted topiary sculptor…

  17. I kinda want to see what it looks like (you know, under all the fur). There might be a reasonably attractive design hiding under there.

    Maybe it could be shaved. Hmmmmm.

  18. She might get one wear out of it before that fur starts to mat horribly.

  19. I’m in agreement with lystessa–at least the thing fits and doesn’t make her look 50 pounds heavier than she is. And personally, I like green. Almost any green. It goes with my eyes. Furry, I can do without.

  20. Does cha-cha-cha chia come to mind?

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