Lime Green Purse

Ugh! To go with the hideous jacket & vest below? Yikes! Described as a “luxurious, beautiful purse made with so many luscious yarns like ribbon, mohair, eyelash, nylon, viscose and polyester…” Oh come on, that’s too many yarn types and not in any way combined well either. The colour is lime, green, baby pink, mustard and brown – just the right colour combo to look like spit-up! I do believe my eyes are bleeding…those colours don’t go together!

25 Comments to “Lime Green Purse”

  1. This is so, so nasty. There is only one good thing to say about it. At least it’s only a purse, and not a sweater… especially one with a giant heart on the front, but still all done in the random shape and color, sticky-out-bits method that this purse is.

    ‘Cause that’s on the site, too.

  2. This bag puts the FUG in FUGLY!!! It looks like road kill!

  3. That eye-like think in the middle is disturbing. Hey, did that thing just blink at me? AAAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

  4. A prime examle of how NOT to use up leftover yarn from other projects.

  5. Looks like a monster in one of my cheese dreams.

  6. EeeW! Did Oscar the Grouch just cough up a hairball?

  7. This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen on these “what not to sew” blogs. The tears just keep flowing from my eyes. It is magnificent in its sheer horror. Bravo.

  8. I must say it looks like the left over remains of a muppet.

  9. I’m pretty sure that creating this was a sin.

  10. It actually looks kinda like the inside of a kaleidoscope. And kaleidoscopes are cool on a small, limited scale. But on a purse, they might cause permanent optic damage. Beware.

  11. In sticking with the muppet theam…..

    Every one knows there was a vampire muppet
    Well this is what was created by the doctor that threw togeather the frankenstien monster that Jim Henson turned down.

    The doctor would not tell Mr. Henson where he found the “parts”. So, it was thought best not to spring this on young impressionable children that might later grow up to be fasion designers.

  12. Amazing Crochet comes through again, simultaneously living up to it’s name and… so not living up to it’s name. At some point this woman is going to realize that her stuff stays unsold on her website for so long because nobody (sane) wants her fuggly crap.

    *sings, for anybody familiar with The Producers*

    Springtime for vomit, and pubic hair!

  13. “Amazing Crochet”???

    Frightening Crochet, perhaps. Offensive Crochet, maybe. Painful Crochet, sure. Amazing Crochet, no freakin’ way.

  14. i took a look at the link Tabitha put in her comment …
    you have to take a look at the “swan” purse

  15. Re: Tabitha’s link…how can such talented people come up with such CRAP? The rose-patterned purse would be OK without the superfluous beads, and if you’re into parrots, that bag toward the right might do ya fine and is generally non-offensive…but the bag with the green globulous hanging matter? The Deco-Records style bag with the pointless pink loops? And let us not forget Leda’s Revenge! Nothing against Nickie, but man, her muse was not throwin’.

  16. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. If you fed a sea anemone a moldy piece of strawberry cheesecake and then stamped on it, it would look like this.

  18. it so looks like spit up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Muppet roadkill,maybe?
    I love this site,I haven’t laughed this much in a long time.

  20. Looks like a voodoo priest’s magic bag. Strong ju-ju. A curse is placed on anyone who makes fun of it.

  21. i hate it take it off the internet it is just that bad!!

  22. Just found this site and LOVE IT! The comments are as funny as the crocheted items are ugly. Have to come back later for more when my split sides heal and the tears are all mopped up. Keep up the great work!

  23. I’d be afraid to put my hand near that thing, it would snap my fingers off with its big toothy yarn-ends mouth. Keep out of reach of small children.

  24. Although I hate any purse with a crochet strap i do like this one.

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