Scarf Poncho

Oh dear God, what the h*ll? Take a really hideous scarf and turn it into a poncho? Is this supposed to make crocheters want to make bigger projects once they’ve mastered scarves? There are some really bad elements in this scarf/poncho… firstly, these have got to be the ugliest acrylic colours I’ve ever seen and secondly, granny squares just aren’t that attractive unless they’re on an afghan! Oh ya, such a wonderful combination! Where the h*ll did they find these colours anyways? Not one of them is anywhere near nice and then put them all together, well, yuck!

25 Comments to “Scarf Poncho”

  1. But wearing it would make granny so happy…lol

  2. That is horrifying.

  3. Inspired by puzzle mats used by pre-schools everywhere!

  4. Personally, it gives me a nostalgia rehash.

  5. my eyes…my eyes!!!

  6. Ummmm, dang. That looks pretty flammable.

    Hands up, who’s sick to death of frickin’ ponchos?

  7. Actually, I made this poncho for my six year old granddaughter (using fewer sqauares) for Christmas and she refused to take it off for a week. She loved it that much. It’s really a cute pattern for a kid. I made one in more subdued colors for an older (13-year-old granddaughter) and got the same reaction from her. Maybe it’s just me… but I don’t think so. The colors are bright, it was fast and easy, it was fun to make and I’ve been crocheting 30 years so am no novice. Even design my own stuff sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with this booklet. For what it was, it was great.

  8. I think that would look much better with the assistance of some….ummm….horizon expanding…. substances.

  9. May be an effective cure for the SADD disorder (or winter blahs). The brightness of the poncho casts helpful light rays onto the face and eyes assisting in cheering you up, or you could say to yourself, “I’d better cheer up fast so that I can stop wearing this thing!”

  10. Recycled from the 70s….

  11. I actually like granny scarves. But I think it goes without saying… not in those colors. Muted neutrals can look rather nice.

    That and afghans… all other bets are off when it comes to yarn granny squares. And most ponchos are not my thing, anyway.

    Well, there is one thing to say for the poncho. If you were walking down the street in it at night… nobody would accidentally hit you with their car.

    You’d just have to worry about the fashion-consious people who’d *intentionally* hit you.

  12. Reminds me of Legos. . .

  13. My mother used to crochet gorgeous ponchos, but a ten yr. old going to school wearing the a garment no one heard of in brightest orange and white wide-striped poncho, or the blinding red, white and blue striped, both with large pom pon ties..another piece of the puzzle. Should have been for display purposes only!

  14. I can see where it would be cute made for children as
    Needleart Maven did..I think it’s wonderful that the five year
    old wouldn’t part with it!

    On children, it could be adorable.

    As for the rest of us, Just PRAY that someone isn’t thinking
    of you now, as she lovingly stitches square after square in
    hopes of surprising you next holiday season.
    She’ll get HER wish!


  15. Quote…”These are colors that only exist is yarn!”….end quote
    (Origianlly said by Gallagher)

  16. I can just see someone sporting both the scarf and the poncho at the same time and it’s horrible.

  17. with a matching skirt to go with the ensemble

  18. I am seriously soooo sick of ponchos, I just don’t see it! No matter how fancy you make them, how pretty the yarn is, I just don’t understand what the point is! And this in it’s own category! I just know I can’t find any patterns in the stores except Ponchos!UGh, enough.

  19. If you’re going to have a poncho, the 60s piece par excellece, you might as well make it look the part…


  20. i actually love the colors. they are fun. but it is such a shame they didn’t just make this an afghan. because it doesn’t look like a poncho. it looks like a college student walking around wrapped in an afghan grandma made for her when she left home for the first time.

  21. You have got to be kidding. This poncho is horrible – OMG my eyes. I wouldn’t even put this on a child. Enough of ponchos anyway – YUCK!

  22. I love ponchos, I own several. However those colors are … wow. Let me just gouge my eyes out with a spoon, it would be less painful.

  23. I dunno… There’s a lot of people on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley who charge five bucks a dose so you can see things like that.

    (Come to think of it, the model looks like she might be a refugee from the ‘Lost Children Area’ of a Grateful Dead show. It’s the mindless, beaming smile she has.)

  24. I think a better title for the book would be “From Stash to Panache.” And show flattering colors, instead of wondering if they are trying to monopolize the colorblind market.

  25. playing devil’s advocate here: other cultures might be more friendly about this colorful handmade poncho. i know here in the USA it’s considered super ugly, but seriously i can see it being worn in other (more colorful) parts of the world, no problem.

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