Gourmet Crochet Audrey

Anyone want to look like they had confetti thrown up on their arms? Here’s the perfect piece for you!! Meant to take the “chill” off your shoulders and arms. I’m not sure it’d be able to get rid of the chill you’d feel from the ugh of this piece. What a great way to stand out in a crowd that’s for sure…if, of course, you want people pointing and laughing at you!

Thanks to Christy for this submission!

20 Comments to “Gourmet Crochet Audrey”

  1. Looks less like confetti to me, and more like one of those latch hook kits gone horribly, horribly wrong

  2. Okay, I’ll stick my neck out on this one:

    Why do I keep wondering what RuPaul would think about this one? Could it be because it might only be worn by some really fierce chicks?

  3. Yup, I checked on Google Images, and it’s the sleeves for a male flamenco dancer. 🙂

  4. Grrrr. This pattern had so much potential and then they went and mucked it up with the damn fur yarn. That crap needs to be banned for use in anything but cat toys.

  5. The design is quite good. But the yarn?! Don’t people realize that they don’t have to shop the clearance bin at Wal-Mart?

  6. I’m looking into designing some jackets for pigeons to keep us warm when it snows… Do you think crochet is an option? Prob have to line it and need to make loads of them, which might make it hard.
    Brian P

  7. Fun Fur is the root of all evil

  8. Well, I think this thing would scare the birds and anyone else coming near you!

  9. You kidding?

    Birds would be dive bombing you trying to get those festive
    primo bits to line their nests!

  10. I get the “Hiltonish” vibe from it. Something maybe like -Project RunAWAY.

  11. Well done – that is truly vomitous.

  12. That shrug would be great if it wasn’t made out of frickin’ fun fur.

    That stuff is a nightmare to knit so it must suck some serious ass to crochet.

  13. Apparantly someone got carried away upon learning that the United States Constitution guarantees everyone the right to “bear” arms.

  14. Hey, I like this pattern. I never make anything according to directions or with the same yarn anyway sooo. And, to really stick my neck out here, I love fun fur! Yep! use the stuff to make scarves and for trim on my granddaughters sweaters and hats, I even use it in freeform crochet pieces. What can I say? Guess there is one in every bunch….

  15. Uuuuhhhggg. I hate shrugs to begin with (damned dumbest, most uncomfortable, unflattering, useless things. They look like the bodices shrunk in the wash but the arms didn’t.)

    But red eyelash yarn with multi-colored confetti doodads and blue trim (blue trim? That gets me more than anything… bright blue trim with red fur… what?) really takes the shrug to a new low.

    Remind me to show this photo to anyone who says they think shrugs are a good idea.

  16. Been looking for something to cover up my flabby arms–Thankye.

  17. what use does fun fur have?at all?ever?besides looking and feeling gross?

  18. I have to agree with Pat — I think fun fur has its place — different strokes and all that. Trim on SOME items for example. And IMHO, scarves made of it feel wonderful! I made some for my daughters and they love them, but I won’t make anything else with it. I’ll stick my neck out so far as to say that a shrug or bolero made of it MIGHT be OK in a solid color. IF you are a size 4 or smaller. And under 30. Who’d want to add to their girth with the stuff? Makes you look at least 6 inches wider. I mean, the sample shows a model or mannequin that is rail-thin but calls to mind Rosey Grier! And using the stuff with confetti stuck to it for a garment? Nuh uh!

  19. This makes me think of the movie Zorro.

  20. Hey, fun fur has its time and place, and so does the WalMart bargain bin! Shrugs also have their time and place — look at crochet patterns from the ’50s and you’ll see some really beautiful ones that have great style and great attention to detail. Have you noticed that a lot of new garment patterns for crochet and knit seem really skimpy — not as in “sexy” — but as in, there’s just not much to them? I think pattern makers are taking things a little far with “quick” projects. Some things — like the clothes you wear out in public — might warrant non-quick-to-make patterns.

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