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January 9, 2006

Fur-Trimmed & Tassled Tops

And then go ahead and call it “young and trendy”…it insults the younger generation! Especially the generation that likes to be “young and trendy”!

Why even fling that phrase around when you know the stuff really is ugly crap? Come on…this thing is horrible and looks like someone who’s never crocheted ever put it together! I sometimes think teens should wear some more appropriate clothing but this is just mean…with the fun fur edging and the weird tassles…talk about torture for whoever wears this…she’ll get mocked incessantly when she shows up at school in this thing!

January 6, 2006

Ugly Crap for Kids

It’s extremely difficult if not near impossible to make a child look awful in anything they wear…I mean, after all, they are just so cute and so cuddly it really doesn’t matter what they wear but I have to say, this crochet design managed to make a child look bad.

It looks like someone threw up pink yarn on the child and then as an afterthought figured they’d crochet some flowers and oh yes, then attach some weird-coloured green yarn to make it look like the flowers have stems. Truth is…it looks like the child is being digested by some weird human-eating flowers. Yikes!

Have at ‘er readers!

January 4, 2006

Fringe Jeans

Fringe JeansOh, come on… this isn’t even considered a crochet pattern. Lionbrand has gone a tad too far on this one… their instructions say to use a crochet hook to apply the fringe to the jeans. “Using” a crochet hook to pull strands of yarn through to make fringe is NOT a crochet pattern. DUH!!

This one really makes you wonder… Lionbrand will come up with anything and call it a “pattern” so all those who really love Lionbrand will use their yarn. Pulling pieces of yarn through “netting” that’s glued, yes, glued to the sides of your jeans does not make it a crochet pattern.

You can’t help but shake your head on this one… just how stupid do they think people are? And besides that, unless you’re a cowgirl or a cowboy, why the fringe on jeans?!?

Fug photo submitted to WNTC by JJ from Domesticated.

January 3, 2006

Freaky Bunny Suits

I love it when people have a sense of humour and most of all the artist! I hate it when people get all upset about an opinion and get all b*tchy about it! We’re all entitled to have an opinion whether people agree with them or not.

So for that, another post for Ming Yi Sung. What humour am I referring to? Check out her comment (#19) and then go check out her new website. Still just as hideous as ever but long live a sense of humour! It’s probably the reason why she can crochet such creations too! You have to have some sense of funny to pull these off!

The bunny suit is hiliarous and hideous too and for Ming’s sense of humour, she gets another post! She certainly is artistic — check out some of her other creations…they certainly make you raise your eyebrows and say “what the h*ll” that’s for sure!

Photo shamelessly stolen off her new website.

January 2, 2006

Boxy Granny Sweaters


Now to the sweater – why would you want to make a sweater that is made up of about a million colours (annoying when you’re crocheting to change colours constantly) and one that is so boxy that nearly no body shape would be able to pull this off?! Not to mention all the ends to weave in and the seaming up of all the “granny squares” to each other. Even the model, who’s very slim, has to fling her arms out like she’s flying like a bird to get this to show “properly”. Guess you could hold your arms like that all the time…otherwise, it just looks like you’re wearing an afghan… Designed by Lionbrand of course but you actually have to buy this pattern from Lionbrand too…it ain’t free!! 😐 What team does the designing for Lionbrand anyways? Yikes, they need to be fired!

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