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January 30, 2006

Table Doily Shawls

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s called an “Ice Crystal Shawl”, however, when you look at it, isn’t it really a table doily? Don’t get me wrong…it’s a gorgeous stitch and well made, however, it looks like she went to her Grandma’s house, tore the doily off the closest table, put a pin on it and said “wow, look at me, a shawl!” and out for dinner she went… 😐

Why do crochet designers do this? You can’t tell me it’s impossible to be a little more creative then taking something that’s meant to be something else, changing it slightly, peddling it as a piece of clothing and pretending that’s what it’s supposed to be! Seen it with afghans too…with all those darn granny square items of clothing! It’s supposed to be on your table and can look quite lovely there…but the secret is to leave it on your table…duh!

Link respectfully submitted by one of our WNTC readers…thanks!

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