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January 26, 2006

“I’m *Actually* Naked” Lace Tops

Another one from “Amazing Crochet” that just makes you scratch your head. Why do they make these revolving graphics anyways? It really does NOTHING for the top at all except give you the 360 degree view of the fug in all its glory… Not to mention make it that much more hilarious on this site! Really, this one is not that *ugly* but again, how do you wear this? Over another top perhaps? Love how the mannequin is bare-naked under it too…who in the real world is going to wear it this way unless you’re a pop star or something and even then, most would have to wear something under it. I don’t think even Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey would wear it the way it is. I mean, look at the left side of this…one teeny tiny little piece just barely covers her nipple…how do you keep that in place? Oh, right, tape!! DUH! Anyways, you decide…what do you think? And hey, don’t get any ideas about the necklace, it’s NOT included in the price of $45 US with free shipping!
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