Crappy Celtic Crochet

Wow, look at how those colours clash! Is that what defines Celtic? Horrible colour combinations and hideous ensembles that clash enough to burn your retinas?!

I don’t remember Celtic being reminiscent of any of these colours either. How would you feel if you were Irish and saw this pattern book that claims to be showing your heritage colours? Is a bright pink and orange ensemble Irish? Funny, I think of green usually….go figure!

And not to mention the little girl’s pink flowers with furry green accents…and a matching fug purse…ugh!

22 Comments to “Crappy Celtic Crochet”

  1. More crap claiming to be Irish. This just makes people really think all we do is drink.

    Wait, I get it now! The little furry bag must be for her Lucky Charms!

  2. I see what they are trying to do severina
    They tried to use all of the colors from the lucky charms

    Pink heart, yellow stars, purple horse shoes, etc etc

  3. i actually thought about ponchos… is a poncho a celtic accessorie? but don’t worry, irish people, i know that you usually do some more things besides drinking.

    love and peace! :))

  4. I kinda like the green fuzzy bag….not the rest of it, mind you. But the bag could be chic.

  5. Orange Irish? Sure. Pink Irish? Sure.

    But sure as HELL not together unless you’re at a riot and people are about to die…

  6. I kinda thought the bag would be fun in the right context, say, by itself without all the other furry green crap.

    The rest of it’s a bit bright. Are they attempting to make it look like the Book of Kells? That’s pretty colorful.

    Nope. Lucky Charms.

  7. Well, if orange Irish and green Irish do get together, you can generally bet there will be or is already in progress a riot of epic proportions. Because drunks are cantankerous as hell! Juuust kidding. But for real, someone definitely thought ahead for this meeting of orange and green (and pink), because “riot” is definitely an apt word to describe what’s going on.

  8. I was all set to come over here and protest the continual portrayal of the Irish as
    heavy drinkers, when I see that you astute denizens of fashion have already beat me to

    Good Job on ya!

    I have a half litre of bouron and a lot of FUN Fur to get through tonight!

  9. Since Celtic ALSO may refer to Scottish, I figured somebody vomited their haggis all over these gals, but poverty that’s extreme enough will make you bravely stand there for photographs if the pay is good enough.

  10. I Googled “Celtic Crochet” just to see this mess close up. It just made me really really sad.

    I need a drink.

  11. Hi….i was so shocked at the “CRAPPY CELTIC CROCHET “remark….can you please clarify WHAT pattern you refer too….we dont do a childs purse./bag I must point out that CELTIC CROCHET is our trade name so this remark can be seen to be detremental to our business……..IF YOU COULD PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT PATTERN YOU REFER TO, WE WOULD TAKE STEPS TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS IN NO WAY IS CONFUSED WITH US .
    We here at Celtic Crochet pride ourselves on designing patterns that everyday folk like and have a large following throughout the world….
    We have an agent who sells on ebay and she has people who buy the complete 75 patterns in the collection , so WE obviously do something right egh ???
    I look forward to any comment, and thank you for giving me the chance to reply.
    yours most sincerely Mi Mi Malone


  13. Uh, it’s referring to the pattern book that is in the picture and that’s it….that’s the title if you look at it…NOT your website…and is certainly not meant to be “all-encompassing” that’s for sure…this site is called “What Not To Crochet” and although it may seem to cover all crochet, it certainly doesn’t…only whatever is referred to in each posting.

  14. Funny, all the Scottish and Irish people I know are quite bright. Don’t know about that chick. Maybe she’s just one of those new-agers who thought Stevie Nicks was cool.

  15. If we want to put a fine point on it, there are actually seven “Celtic nations”, two in mainland Europe. However, since Celts are all long dead, we only have vague references to “Celtic” and “Gaelic” things from people who need a marketing niche. Or to language families, but that clearly doesn’t apply here. If it did, Celtic Crochet above would’ve mentioned his/her p-Celt brethren, in Cornwall and Breton. Scotland and Ireland, with the Isle of Man, are considered q-Celts by language branches.

    But this is boring! All we really care about is that particular crochet is fugly and we’re referring to it by the name someone stuck on it. If anything, Celtic Crochet should contact whoever put out that book/pattern and used the name to begin with. Don’t shoot us messengers of fuglitude.

  16. The reason this crochet is “Celtic” is because it is woven in a celtic-type knot–not because of the colors or the type of thing made. I agree the colors are awful, but the knots do not have to be made in the colors shown.

  17. My Irish blood is boiling……….God is that ugly!

  18. I have to say, I bought the book way back hoping there was “life” inside the book. As I tend to stick with my heritage.. I have to say – go back to the book burning days and PLEASE burn this atrocity!!!!

  19. This book should have been called crappy celtic.

  20. Wow- I have never seen such an uproar over one book of “ugly” crochet before. I did purchase this book hoping for more traditional knotwork designs, and I agree, many of the color combinations are a bit off-putting. But thee book does not come complete with a police officer handcuffing you to the color choices of the authors. I played with other color combinations and adapted some patterns to my own tastes, and had good success. No, most of the patterns are not what most think of as “Celtic”, but as a Wiccan of Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh & German background, I am not sure what Celtic is supposed to mean. I AM Celtic, but have been told by others that my Germanic background cancels that out. Ok. Rediculous. Just like the uproar here. If you do not like the patterns, colors, or projects- fine, feel free to say so. But to turn those remarks of opinion into racial, ethnic, religious, or other negative remarks aimed at the authors directly, is shameful, and borderline criminal. You don’t have to like it. Obviously enough people did like it to have kept it on the market. We are all entitled to our own opinions- just some of them are better left unsaid.
    Walk in Balance and Light- Blessed Be!

  21. I have been working on celtic crochet patterns and they are hard to come by so hopefully I can come up with some nice ones.
    by the way, Celts arent only irish or scottish.
    my heritage is the ancient Remy belgae celtic clan from lorraine france came to england and then on to America.
    many americans are celtic and dont even realize it.

  22. Well i claim to be a celtic American,for the reason is on my moms side ,Irish,Scottish,Wales and a bit of english,Dads is English and French.And i am triing to find more of crocheting and knitting from the united kingdom since most of the family lost touch many years ago. But to tell you the truth Im with Batty-Janice yes they are wierd color schemes but it always been each to there own and i refuse to think that green is only for the irish since the flag i do believe is Gold Green and White.Maybe if there was more of info on the backgrounds of crochet and knitting from the united kingdom and all celtic nations.Education thats what is need here.God be with all of you:)

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