Flowered Poncho/Hat Combos

Who wears these combinations? Has anyone ever seen these things out in public?

Not only is the colour just bad…some pukey yellow… but the flowers on the head and on the poncho is just not good… the flowers look like an afterthought — just plopped onto the poncho and hat because, well, the designer had made the flowers and had nowhere else to put them! In fact, if they weren’t there, the combo *might* just be passable…

Seriously, if you’re going to crochet a carpet, do that and put it on the floor, don’t make a hat and call it a matching ensemble!

13 Comments to “Flowered Poncho/Hat Combos”

  1. Kinda looks like crocheted burlap to me. With roses.

  2. The model even looks incredulous that she is wearing it. Like, maybe she lost a bet and is only upholding her part of the deal under duress.


  3. Gold has its place but square and stiff? NO. With attached flower things? NO NO
    Maybe a shaped sleeveless vest, no decoration. And possibly a long-strapped little bag. But lose the cap, yikes.

  4. you poor git, you are so lacking in flare.

  5. It looks like she’s wearing her grandmother’s homemade toilet seat cover and bathmat. Hon, here’s rule of thumb: if it doesn’t look good on a toilet or on the floor, it won’t look good on you.

  6. That’s a poncho? That doesn’t even qualify as poncho. It’s sort of a half-cho.

  7. Severina-

    Gee, thanks. You made me spit wine all over my keyboard. Too funny. 🙂

  8. That is wonderful example of good crocheting.It matches with the rest of the alphet, and is good modern-looking crocheting.I like the way the hat has the same colors and design as the poncho.Some of the stuff you call stupid, and ugly and crap,is better looking than your clothes.I can not believe you guys can be so cruel.My mom crochets and she crochets this kind of stuff, and it is some of the prettiest clothing in the world.I would not be critisizing other peoples good crochet work when it is probably better looking and feeling than yours.Get some lessons in taste.

  9. Greater Dane…hey, if you think this is stylish, feel free to wear it! Nothing stopping you…not even this site or anyone else’s opinion for that matter. But who’s crochet are you referring to when you say “it is probably better looking and feeling than yours”?

  10. There are just some colours that look as thought they’d be scratchy as all get-out to wear, even when they’re really not. And no amount of pretty stitches or flowers or what-not will ever change that.

    Rule of thumb: If it resembles a bowl of something your kids wouldn’t eat, and you have to toss it down into the garbage disposal later, then put as much distance betwwen it and yourself as possible, in as short a time span as possible.

  11. Greater Dane, take a look: if whatnottocrochet was entirely against crochet from the beginning, wouldn’t the blog be something like “allcrochetsucks” or “crochetisformorons”? No, it’s very specific about which bits are fugly. It just happens that there’s a lot of nasty patterns and colors to go around. Without ceasing. Ever.

  12. you all are stupid i you like this design im a fashion diva so when i see stuff like this im in discused this i so embaressing to even talk about it wow

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