Shoo Fly Covers

Yup, you read that right! SHOO FLY covers!! Why I say, whyyyyy? Oh my dear God, we can’t brush bugs away from our glasses so we need to crochet fringe on a piece of fabric and place it over our glasses? Geez, this is just a perfect something you’d find at someone’s house and you’d think…”what the h*ll?” and then once someone told you it’s to shoo flies out of your drink, you’d think “oh dear God, I have to leave now” and run from that house laughing hysterically!

This is a free pattern too…go get it if you can find it…just google “SHOO FLY COVER”… 😐

In the designer’s words “this piece is designed to keep flies and bugs out of your drinks when you are outside”. I think I’d rather drink a bug then be caught dead with this thing on my glass!

32 Comments to “Shoo Fly Covers”

  1. kind of looks like a panty for a glass. and as i have plenty of my own undies, i think the next time i’m having a glass outside, i’ll put undies on it. if we’re going to have a conversation starter, let’s have a real conversation.

  2. The perfect gift for the great aunt who already has doilies all over the rest of her crap.


  3. My grandmother use to have/make these
    But here in Mississippi we have to keep the bugs out some how even if it is an ugly crocheted piece of fabric
    Are there any places on this earth that does not have bugs?
    If so that is where I am moving

  4. A doily under the glass. A doily on top of the glass. A great way to make twice as much dorky crap that needs to be washed/ironed.

    Is it big enough for your head? I get more concerned about flies on my head than in my drinks.

  5. A great use for those extra doilies that look so… outré … these days. However, the least breeze may blow that puppy right off the glass and onto the ground, then you bend over to pick up the doil-, er, beverage cover, spill the drink, fall off the chair, lay there waiting for help, and find ants crawling on you. See? Not a good idea to use these. lol

  6. thats retarted to do that if i did buy one i wouldent buy it for 300 dollars because of the special lace theyused what i smell is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

  7. that has got to be the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen

  8. Good lord. So THAT’s what those things are. I have a handful of these from my mother-in-law’s “estate.” They were handmade, how oh how can we party with them. gasp.

  9. They work pretty good for keeping the cat out of your bedside water glass, though…

  10. Two days after I read this and thought ‘Why?’ my uncle asked me to make something to keep flies off his drinks. I’m still asking why.

  11. a couple months ago i was in south australia and as ugly and nasty as this thing is… i would have loved it at the time. i’ve never been anywhere in the world where the bugs were as bad as there. although there needs to be a way to drink from it w/o removing the doily…..

  12. The beads hanging off the fringe are supposed to give it enough weight to keep it in place, so it doesn’t blow off. And I’ve only ever seen them used over the pitcher of drinks that sits there for awhile before you pour some more lemonade or iced tea or whatever out of the pitcher. Presumably you can defend your own glass from the bugs but that big pitcher of sweet liquid is just too tempting to the flies/bees/wasps, etc.

  13. Same here – I’ve seen them used over bowls of sugar or jam, and over pitchers. Anything that holds food bugs might want to get into, doesn’t have its own cover and (most importantly) is only used occasionally while its out. Take the doily off, put sugar in everyone’s tea, put the doily back on. Not to put on your glass which you’re likely to pick up every couple of minutes.

  14. we actually see a lot of these in vintage/estate sales here in Australia. They were used to cover milk jugs in the days before easy refrigeration.
    Must say tho, most of the ones I’ve seen have been a d**n sight more intricate / attractive than these ones.

  15. Haha. The doily underneath is a bit much, but you might not think this is quite so retarded if you lived in the south where we gotta lotta … big… BUGS

    Nothing sucks more than sipping something down, looking in, and finding some friends in your glass…..

  16. I am the designer of this pattern. I designed it because someone asked me to. So I thought, why not. To be honest here, I don’t use it myself. It is actually prettier in person than in the picture. This is not one of my better designs I have to admit. If your curious to see any of my other patterns, you can do so at By the way, I think the comments about this lame design of mine are pretty funny. I can’t believe some of the things I have been asked to design. There are just some things I will not do. Like willy warmers or booby pillows.

    • Hi Julie, please don’t denigrate your design. Absolutely nothing wrong with it and you know it. Not everything we do (especially for a paying client) is something to our own tastes, but honestly, if you design or create something that someone is happy with, well… I do work for clients that at first blush would not put in my portfolio, but thinking again, if they liked it enough to pay me and hire me again (graphic designer and home dec creative) then it belongs in the book!

  17. Hi Julie…thanks for dropping by and for taking the comments about the design in the manner in which they were intended – for fun! All of us here at WNTC appreciate a designer with a sense of humour! 🙂

  18. that thing is actually quite cute… and usefull in summer

  19. they actually have a really good use in areas with a lot of bug problems in the summer, like the southern states. my great aunt uses things like that fot every party she has at her house

  20. I just found this site and it is hilarious! I must say though, if you question this, you obviously haven’t lived somewhere with a kajillion bugs!

  21. Most people just don’t realize that this is a nostalgic throwback to the days of the dainty southern belle. When afternoon tea in the garden was an absolute social must, including the huge pitcher of sweet tea. They’re usually one of the first things a young girl learned how to make, to be followed closely by socks, baby stuff, and doilies by the bushel. What I don’t understand is that the same people who guffaw and snicker at these will go to a store and buy a hideous looking handle-less umbrella to protect thier plates of food at picnics, but yet do not realize the utility of a pitcher cover. Hmm…

  22. Well depending on where you live flies may not be your only problem. My nephew got stung by a sweat bee because it was crawling around on the inside of his cup and he didn’t see it. He took a drink and it stung his toung. We had to call an ambulance, he nearly suffocated.

  23. wouldn’t a napkin be more practical.

  24. I can see that most of you like drinking after a fly has been walking around licking and pukinig on the rim of your glass. Anything that keeps the dirtiest thing on the face of this earth off my glass, well I don’t care how silly it looks!

  25. As a US citizen now living in Europe, a friend from the UK gave me one of these last year at the Holidays. I love it! We have very small gnats/fruit flies buzzing around all the time due to far less pesticide/insectide being used as well as no screens on windows. I too use it to cover a small bowl of food, the beverage pitcher, my husband even uses it over the wine decanter. I only have one and would like a couple more.

  26. I think the idea would be good to use on top of my pop can when i have one outside to keep the bees out of it. Of course I am modern and just might make one of recycled materials, like a circle of plastic bag with beads tied to the fringed ends of it. I giggle at the comments of modern gals who never had to battle bugs outside. I live outside on my deck 3/4 of the year, bugs are a problem. Who wants to be inside all the time!?

  27. Wow what hostility. The why is already stated in the title of the project. Some people are not chair potatoes and get up and move about while outside. As such, they can not guard their glass from bug the whole time.

  28. Wow you guys! This is the sort of ignorant behavior I would NEVER expect from savvy artists or crafters! I suppose you are the type who don’t appreciate the wonders of and all of the (some) extremely unusual creations. Just because you don’t understand something, don’t mock it. These are actually a practical, useful and functional item as well as attractive as you want to make them. The attractive part is up to us creatives. Yes, a plain old napkin will serve the same purpose as long as you are indoors where the wind doesn’t kick up. The beads serve the purpose of weighting the cover so it won’t fly away in a brisk wind. And for those of you who like to get their protein in the form of bugs, well, nobody can help you. These serve the same purpose as the glass-over-decanter on bedside tables: bugs, spiders and flies are less likely to land in your water (or whatever you drink at night). This is perfect if you want a drink of water during the night but don’t want to turn on the light. And as an aside, these are selling like hotcakes for big bucks on two upscale homedec sites I found. That’s how I came across this site.

    • way to go and tell them again who ever you are. I am an african-american male who loves class and this is a classy thing and I have seen these used in royal situations in the uk,quit frankly I have been trying to find a web site to purchase these for years and am not ashamed of it. can you or anyone give me a web site or phone number where I can get them Thank you kindly

      • Dwaine, you can contact me and I have even a more unique design than this one for you. Really classy, very practical and my husband thinks its awesome. In this day and time, you eat at a lot of buffets and the first thing they do is bring your beverage to the table UNATTENDED while you go fix your plate of food. Bad idea. What freako sicko will get kicks from dropping drugs in your drink? It happens. So being paranoid, I come up with this GREAT item.. You will love it. I will send you a photo. email me @

  29. Hiya,
    I really didn’t have the time to read all the other replies so I don’t know if I’m repeating someone here but I must tell you…even though I adore your blog and read it whenever I can, somehow I got directed to this particular page and I have to explain…these are usually made of all crochet, and much larger, and here in Australia, they’re bloody handy, no matter how ugly…ever tried to have a BBQ with a thousand different salad bowls and meat plates and left over stuff that a thousand flies land on constantly…as soon as your arm waves one way, they’re landing again from the opposite direction? It’s like that here every summer and so I think you should withdraw this one… They are one of the most useful things my Gran ever made me.

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