Trashy Lingerie

Seriously, is this lingerie? I have no idea how to explain this “peek-a-boo” crochet other than it must be lingerie…and since it comes from a French website, it’s quite possible. But if you are going to do crochet lingerie, yikes, how about some nice yarns to do it with? And check out those tassles…the ends weren’t snipped to make tassles…just looks like worms hanging off her arms. And this borders on “hooker wear” if it isn’t lingerie…and you have to wonder…is she wearing any undergarments? That fun fur trim I won’t even comment on…I’ll just go poke my eyes out now! Putting a nice body into fugly crochet lingerie doesn’t make it a nice crochet even with the breasts popping out trying to distract you!

Submitted to WNTC by Leisel of Knot Again…thanks!

37 Comments to “Trashy Lingerie”

  1. GACK! GACK! GACK! My eyes! My eyes! I need a crochet hook to re-attach my retinas to the back of my eyes! Someone help me!!!!

  2. Please don’t let “Desperate Housewives” get wind of THIS!

  3. A blog about crochet is the last thing I thought I’d find myself reading tonight but I must say you have radically altered my opinion on the merits of crochet, and I don’t mean that becasue there happens to be a bit of a sleazy picture in this post.

  4. Icky! Nasty! Wrong wrong wrong!


    *weeps uncontrollably*

  5. Oh dear. I kind of like the stitch used on the bodice – that could be really fetching used to make a little top. But the rest? It looks like a French maid Halloween costume as interpreted by a sex-crazed granny on behalf of her trailer trash granddaughter.

  6. this is a rape waiting to happen haha thats is horrible

  7. This site scares the shit out of me. Seriously. Do people actually make these things?

    *runs from room screaming hysterically*

  8. Does anyone make these things? The photo proves there’s at least ONE out there.

    And one’s more than enough, thank you.

  9. **singing** Elvira, my heart’s on fir-e for Elvira Bop-a oom, bop-a oom, bop-a mou mou

  10. Where do you get all these photos? That’s what baffles me.

  11. ahhhh!
    i’m bleeding!

  12. this is so ugly wow

  13. I’ve been wondering how something so revealing can be so damn frumpy at the same time.

    And that chenille is just making me angry.

  14. I think it is great I would love to know how to make it……for you husbands eyes only.

  15. Is this site for nuns only or a lot of people over 60??? Come on if your with the one you love it is nice to look sexy for them get with it. You all know you want to make one but you just don’t have the body for it.

  16. Well, I’m not over 60 and you wouldn’t catch me in this lingerie that looks like you have worms hanging off your arms and have made it some really cheap ass yarn.

  17. I think it’s cute, needs a few modifications but otherwise it’s adorable.

  18. For the record I crochet lots of lingerie out of silk thread, not Red Heart Supersaver and ValuPlus chenille.

    If my guy suggested this I’d seriously think he was trying to cover me up, rather than undress me.

    This is about as sexy as flannel pajamas and a mud mask.

  19. From a guy’s perspective, this is a real turn on. I just want to get nasty now.

    (JK, JK!)

  20. Red Heart Supersaver! Are you f***ing kidding me? I remember seeing that stuff all over my grandmothers house. I guess that explains why Grandpa had a stroke… and I thought she was makeing pot holders.

  21. Didn’t you know Elvira is designing now?


  22. I think that thats a show girl rejected by commonsense of nature of what not to wear.

  23. itchy and as sexy as poison ivy

  24. i’m trying to find the pattern of this for a friend, but connot find it. any help please?

  25. Husband saw this picture and nearly died laughing! Not the reaction you would hope for in the bedroom.

  26. I could see myself whipping this up using a deep purple silk with black eyelash for the trim, it looks like something fun and sexy. I think this is a case of a great pattern that was translated using the wrong yarn.

  27. I find the trim (especially on the arms), the knots and the strips rather bizarre. It really could have been designed much better. It has the potential to be attractive if executed by someone with… you know… eyesight.

  28. If you wanted to look sexy why would you wear something crocheted in the first place.

  29. Honestly your going to complain that someone took the time to craft something they wanted or enjoy? On top of that your going to complain about what type of outfit it is? I’m just passing throught, but I thought the Amish didn’t have computers and still beat their wives to stay in the kitchens.

  30. oh my goodness. that’s quite horrendous.

  31. O… M…. G..

  32. Nothing says skank quite like black yarn paired with white fun fur.

  33. I think it could be transformed into a cute sweater even with the white fur. But, the sleeve worms gotta go. And something a little different must be done with the bottom strips. I think crochet CAN be sexy, you just need to find the right look.

  34. Hobby Lobby meets Victoria’s Secret. And gets in to a vicious fight… This outfit is the aftermath.

  35. Goddess, please forgive them, for they know not what they do…
    Gotta agree- this is not my idea of lingerie. Maybe the end result of a dare gone wrong, but not lingerie. It could be turned into a sexy dress- with ALOT of work, but why? I have been trying to find sexy, WEARABLE lingerie patterns, and have found some nice knit patterns, but the only crochet pattern I found looked good in the catalog, but came with imposible to follow directions written in some alien crochet language, with a filet chart that was little more than hand done “x”‘s with faint graph paper lines behind them. Some of you may have this pattern too…
    I am tired of looking though, and since I have crocheted for over 35 years, and designed many other items, I’ll give lingerie design a try- and I’ll wear each piece to make sure it is actually wearable. Let yunz know when i have some ready to go, and what site to find them all!
    Blessed Be!

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