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January 2, 2006

Boxy Granny Sweaters


Now to the sweater – why would you want to make a sweater that is made up of about a million colours (annoying when you’re crocheting to change colours constantly) and one that is so boxy that nearly no body shape would be able to pull this off?! Not to mention all the ends to weave in and the seaming up of all the “granny squares” to each other. Even the model, who’s very slim, has to fling her arms out like she’s flying like a bird to get this to show “properly”. Guess you could hold your arms like that all the time…otherwise, it just looks like you’re wearing an afghan… Designed by Lionbrand of course but you actually have to buy this pattern from Lionbrand too…it ain’t free!! 😐 What team does the designing for Lionbrand anyways? Yikes, they need to be fired!

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