Peek-a-Boo I See Your Bra Tops

What’s with showing your bra in crocheted tops? This one borders on “Hooker Wear” too… but since the bra just peeks out here and there, not quite. Just love how she’s dropped her straps off her shoulders so they don’t show at her shoulder lines… uh, duh, we can see your bra anyways… why try to hide the straps?? And is that her bra tag peeking out in the back? Oh ya, definitely a classy look!

I can’t imagine this being comfortable at all and just exactly what do you pair it with and better yet, where exactly do you wear it? Looks like the model paired it with pink match-my-pink-bra PJ bottoms… perfect! Retails for $155 US.

31 Comments to “Peek-a-Boo I See Your Bra Tops”

  1. Words fail me, but (heh) if someone actually wants to pay US$155, I’d gladly pick up a crochet hook. Oh, dear, are those pendant things I see hanging off the bottom? Woman as Tiffany lamp – the ‘light’ of someone’s life, lol.

  2. The idea isn’t all that bad as a topper for a plain sheath-styled dress or a strapless dress, but not as this model has it as a top over a skirt. And the crocheter’s skill leaves a lot (a lot) to be desired. There is a mixture of yarn types that don’t play well together. This type of top needs to tailored to the person wearing it and the skirt or dress it will be worn over. The crystals hanging from the bottom are not a bad idea but they should have been smaller and there should be more of them. This way they look like an afterthought.

  3. The slutty goth hooker top looks like a granny square afghan done by a spider on acid. I do like the colours though.

  4. You know, I figure I could get much the same look if I took one of those uber-fugly thangs that a dotty old aunt gave me for Christmas and ran it through a chipper-shredder. And it wouldn’t cost $155, either!

  5. $155 American? Way too much money and way too little taste.

  6. That is about the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. Are those gauge swatches? And are they unravelling themselves in shame???

    I don’t have a problem with the idea of the thing & like PurpleGirl said it could go well over something, but I believe I could crochet better with my feet.

    I’m going to go crochet something with my feet right now because I could use $155 American.

  8. huh, ya know….I have that same bra….really……

  9. I like how the bra straps are pulled out of sight on the front view… but the ENTIRE BACK STRAP is showing through on the back view. I guess the solution is to crochet a nasty bra to go with this thing. Though I am willing to bet it would not be that supportive/effective.

  10. What is that black and white thing with the red eyes
    Looks like any evil cousin to a Wookie

  11. Oh crap! I thought that was a mannequin! I guess those aren’t her colors.

  12. that animal?

  13. sick look like crap id rather eat poop than wear this stuff

  14. Gramma’s drunk. Again.

  15. Gramma + Booze + Yarn = This

  16. she ugly, and…… the outfit is ugly so they all go together haha i feel bad and embarassed for her .WOW

  17. It’s not bad actually! .. Why do you insist on the ‘bra’ thing all the time! Then I guess you just wear a T-shirt because every other garment is slutty!~

  18. No one mentioned that it was “slutty,” just incredibly badly made and far too expensive.

    Go back to Googling the word “bra” since you’ll never see one in real life unless it’s on a rack in a lingerie store.

  19. stilettoheels,

    Well, I’ve actually seen your mum’s once. Don’t tell anyone.

  20. Ahhh, peeking under coffin lids is your idea of a good time?

  21. Oh you guys…let’s focus on the fug not “personal” attacks. Thanks!

  22. whatnottocrochet,

    they cant help , they probely came from a mental instatution so its all good are you guys like 4 haha

  23. trailer trash chic meets fibre-artiste trendoid…..erk

  24. I feel sorry for the poor ?dog … looks like they had to get it drunk/stoned to get it to stay sitting there with THAT … or maybe didn’t run away because it is hung over …
    hmmm – maybe whoever crocheted the thing was too stoned/drunk at the time and didn’t notice that they had missed filling in a few holes?

  25. I hit the “submit” button on my comment and THEN noticed the crystals dangling on the bottom of that thing … yes it does make it look like a lampshade – LOL
    I have heard of getting drunk and wearing a lampshade on your head … but getting drunk, crocheting one, and wearing it with your pj pants, and then posting it on the web and trying to sell the thing … now that is real style … 😉

  26. Now I know why I’m careful who I teach crochet too!

  27. Must be expensive yarns, can’t afford another $155 to finish the job?

  28. Oh, this is just so ugly! No other words are needed.

  29. This makes me think of a nasty old rug that one of my very impoverished aunts used to have outside of her back door.

  30. “If you wear a dress that is strapless with a bra that isn’t….yoooou might be a redneck.”

  31. Damn. You couldn’t pay me enough to wear that old rag.

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