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December 29, 2005

Peek-a-Boo I See Your Bra Tops

What’s with showing your bra in crocheted tops? This one borders on “Hooker Wear” too… but since the bra just peeks out here and there, not quite. Just love how she’s dropped her straps off her shoulders so they don’t show at her shoulder lines… uh, duh, we can see your bra anyways… why try to hide the straps?? And is that her bra tag peeking out in the back? Oh ya, definitely a classy look!

I can’t imagine this being comfortable at all and just exactly what do you pair it with and better yet, where exactly do you wear it? Looks like the model paired it with pink match-my-pink-bra PJ bottoms… perfect! Retails for $155 US.

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