Hairy Tops

Fur Top

Crochet tops to love?

Ya, sure! Any girl truly loves to make her arms look like they have furry hair growing off them by choosing just the right shirt that’s for sure… and to boot, she could make it herself!

What’s with the pose? Why is she holding her neck like she’s in pain? Ah, maybe the shirt is trying to eat her…after all it does look like fur and could easily be an animal.

12 Comments to “Hairy Tops”

  1. More proof that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. That’s really ugly!

  2. That looks like a hairy ape wearing a bandeau top.

  3. Please, please, clothing designers… I really want to be mistaken for a gorilla. Can any of you come up with a pattern to help me out?

  4. Yep, she’s in pain, all right! Holding her neck, looking all disgusted—I mean, can anybody really blame her? There just plain ain’t enough tea in all of China to make me wear that garbage in public OR have photos taken of me in it!

  5. The model looks like she doesn’t love this top at all.

  6. Hmmmm… I don’t think it’s a crick in her neck she’s trying to massage away (although that’s certainly a possibility, because it would sure strain my muscles trying to force myself NOT to tear it off). It looks like the top is itchy and she REALLY, REALLY wants to scratch (she probably was scratching the whole time, except for the 15 seconds it took to snap the picture), and she’s just barely able to hold herself back from doing so.

  7. she looks dumb maybe that girl who is posing doent know she is on the worst cover in america who ever thought of this is must of been really drunk and high!!!!!!!!!!! this website is so funny to laugh at i dont know why i just keep coming back just to see to stupidity im a lawyer and at all the years that i have been one, this and all theses so called “designs” are so retared and demented these people must be on drugs.funny alls we can really say is WOW!!!*

  8. why do designers automatically assume teenagers /young adults have no taste? My DD took one look at this and was nearly sick laughing!

  9. I cant even imagine wearing that outside in the sun. Can you imagine the itch factor? Is that fur underneath the pink net stuff? I dont like fur against my boobs. Thanks, but no. I really wish I could come up with some kind of smartass remark, but I just cant, I’m so baffled about how someone would think it was a good idea AND make it.

  10. For some reason, looking at this makes me think of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. He became “brundle-fly”…and began to look a lot like her.

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