“Loop de Loop” Hats

You know, in some ways, this hat really isn’t so bad but then you look closer and it conjures up images of a clown and I’m not quite sure that’s a good look to achieve unless of course you’re trying to achieve it ;)!

Cost of this hat is $140 US.

So what do you think? Not bad or pretty atrocious?

35 Comments to ““Loop de Loop” Hats”

  1. I might wear it. If I were drunk. At Ozfest. And someone else paid for it.

  2. This SHOULD have been modeled by members of the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled team, mon!

    Otherwise, the ONLY way you could show it off is to put it on a mannequin’s bust. Even then, you risk magically changing its expression to one of utter disgust. . .

  3. Makes me think of a carniverous brain-eating snail from outer space.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh…

    This looks like a single overgrown rams horn… in Technicolor. I cannot imagine 1) wearing it, or 2) thinking this is something you could get someone else to wear, or 3) thinking that someone else would PAY to wear it, let alone that someone would pay a ridiculously exorbitant amount to wear it.

    Besides being incredibly ugly… it has to be stuffed to maintain its shape, and wearing it would be ungainly at best, and medically contraindicated at worst, because the load is carried off to one side of the head (can you just imagine the crick in your neck?).

  5. NO, NO! – it’s horrible, forget it, – unless you

    1. DIY for a couple bucks/pounds-worth of yarn.
    2. stop after the first foot/30 cm,
    3. change the edge/border.

  6. it looks like it would keep falling sideways and one would have a terrible time keeping it on, but then most of us are more likely to fight it off with all we’ve got!

  7. ummm, its different lol,

  8. That’s the dumbest hat ever. So what, if it uses up stash? I can find better things to do with my scrap yarn.

  9. Holy cow. That’s bad. Really bad.

  10. I keep looking at your pictures and wondering if that hat is heavy. Can you imagine trying to convince your kid that it’s cool and they should wear it on the next snow day?

  11. I showed my husband, thinking he’d get a big laugh out of it, but his reaction was that he could see a snowboarder wearing it… it’s unique, it’s edgy, and if you’re good, everyone wants to be like you, and the designer ends up with lots of orders.

    Unfortunately, I can see that scenario. Too many people fascinated with “pushing the envelope” (as if that’s somehow a good thing), and it usually results in the spreading of bad taste of one sort or another.

  12. It’s definitely different..and I wouldn’t be caught dead in it 🙂

  13. This is a great example of “just because you can crochet crazy crap, it doesn’t mean you should.” I see hats like this ALL THE TIME on the internet with utterly insane pricetags, like I should be paying someone for attempting to go against physics and the color wheel. I mean, who would WEAR something like this, much less pay $140?

  14. Hmmmm…there’s an idea…I could crochet ugly hats and make some extra cash $_$.

  15. I could totally make some dag-nasty hats from my stash and sell them.

    I swear people will wear anything.

  16. Didn’t one of the monsters from Star Wars have a head like that?

  17. I can’t believe there have been sixteen comments and no one has yet mentioned the words “Dr. Seuss,” which were the first words I thought of when I looked at this. Not a Cat in the Hat sort of thing, even, but more like a random crazy minor character who is pictured on one page of one book, or something like that.

  18. I checked this person’s site and saw about 75 hats of varying dregrees of nasty. They were all labelled “for sale” but none of them appeared to be “sold.”

    I wonder why…

  19. The first thing that came to my mind was Star Wars and something along the lines of Jabba the Hut. *shudders*


  20. I seriously don’t understand the ultra-high price tags on the crap people are trying to sell over the net.

    If I made a bunch of horrible hats and set up a booth at pretty much any craft fair I could sell all the nasty things for $40, but NOT $140. Anybody willing to wear this hat would be more likely to spend their $140 on pot and beer.

  21. I can sum this up in one word………eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww


  22. That’s Oola the dancer’s hat in Jabba’s palace. Poor girl was killed off but that’s o.k. because George Lucas made a fortune. Go figure!

  23. OMG. I could have made that with $.50 worth of yard-sale yarn and a keg. It reminds me of that weird wormy pale white guy that served Jabb on StarWars. How can the selling SERIOUSLY think to price it at $140? I suppose if soemone bought it for the monstrosity appeal….it gives me the shudders. Nearly as badly as the couch dress did.

  24. My goodness wasn’t that on Fifth Element!?

  25. My cat would have a lovely time making this her new home. Cats are color blind, arent they? Oh, and HydraFemme, the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled team has a wee bit of taste… give them a break! (Im so kidding HydraFemme, this isnt a flame or me being a jackass, I promise)

  26. What a great way to get rid of those endless scraps that I have laying around. I know how to work in the round. I know how to change colors! Then, I can gift the newly created hat to the neighbor, who keeps popping in at all hours of the day, and scare her off forever!!!!!

  27. That is just about the scariest thing I have ever seen

  28. Well… it would work great in Seussical the Musical, anyway.

  29. This reminded me of an ugly slug or worm or a huge tumor on the head. It is truly horrifying.

  30. I would make it… If someone begged me to… And paid me a million dollars. But seriously, it would come in handy to to cover the malformed limb of a parasitic twin if it was growing out of your head. I saw examples on a documentary. Think about it…but not too long before you start laughing. Stoooopid looking thing.

  31. It’s really fun – but not at all wearable in any kind of normal life.

  32. I’m all for being creative and artsy and everything but this is really awful.

  33. Hats should *never* be stuffed. That is all.

    Look it up. You won’t believe it.

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