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December 16, 2005

Pineapple Bathrooms

Bathroom CrochetSeriously, fess up… how many of you have seen crochet in a bathroom? And for those not familiar with crochet, “pineapple” is actually a type of stitch in crochet. Why someone would want to decorate their bathroom with crochet is beyond me…. and the colour is awful too! Just so gaudy!! Ugh!

And nothing is off limits… from the crochet covering the toilet paper roll to a seat cover (yikes!) to a cover for your waste basket.

If you can’t see the inscription on this pattern leaflet, here it is:

Add the timeless elegance of pineapples to enhance your bathroom decor!

Yes, with the exclamation point too… in case you don’t believe that crochet enhances your timeless elegance in your bathroom….LOL

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