Crochet & Buttons Jewelry

Crochet Buttons JewelryNo idea what to do with crochet anymore? Then add some buttons!! And not just a few… lots and lots of them so they dangle off your crochet and make what you could call a necklace! Beautiful idea… I’ll get right on that!

I bet the cost of the buttons makes this a pretty expensive necklace actually… just how many buttons is that? About 100 or so??!! 😐

Wow, what a great example of being at a loss for what to crochet… this one really is pushing it when it comes to creativity… how hard is it to hang buttons off a string?

25 Comments to “Crochet & Buttons Jewelry”

  1. Not knocking on school teachers or anything, they deserve a lot more respect than they get, but this, to me at least, just screams elementry school teacher. I can’t explain it, it just does.

    On the bright side, just think if you were wearing this necklace and lost a button, well, there ya’ go! Right there on your neck! And with that many buttons, if you can’t find one that matches…. Maybe they could have some earrings that were made from needles and some thread and then you could sew the button on right from your on ensemble! Oh, dear, I simply must get to bed…..

  2. LOL… missy, we’re on the same wavelength. I was thinking that this seemed way more like a KID craft… like necklaces made out of macaroni or cereal.

  3. That, or somebody’s mom who happens to be a belly-dancer may wear something like this to indulge her craft-happy daughter.

    “Oooh, mommy! Wear this—it looks so much like something a gypsy would wear. You already have all those dangly things in your costume, who’s gonna notice a few hundred more?”

    This, or maybe it’s where unnecessary and unwanted buttons go home to die. . .

  4. The only way this could work on someone over, say, 6 years of age, would be to wear it with a top that had buttonholes randomly placed all over it. People couldn’t keep theirs hands off you!

  5. It’s a kid craft, but yet too complicated…a kid would thread buttons on a piece of yarn, but by the time they acheived the level of sophistication and patience necessary to make all those little stitches, they would not be interested in gobs of buttons as a fashion statement anymore.

  6. Our talents are clearly wasted. I have noticed, not a few times..that
    the BIG money seems to be in CREATING crafts and selling the books
    which teach everyone who formerly didn’t realize that THIS was the
    very thing missing from their lives!

    Didn’t someone mention macaroni earlier?

    Gotta run!

    Of course, there is a substantial discount to all regulars here. Hmm..maybe some glitter with that thar pasta?

  7. I found this site while looking for a web page for a lady who sold crochet and button necklaces at a local fair – 6 months later and I still regret not buying one. She chose lovely colors and good lengths.. they were very unique and rich looking. Too bad you all hate them so much because I can’t find that woman to give her any money. I will grant you that the one on the mag cover above looks like someone puked up a pack of Sprees….

    • What area were you attending the craft show? I used to do the (mainly) church craft shows in MD. I could send you photos if you like!

    • The annual Christmas House in Leesburg Fl is where a crafter made very nice button crochetted necklaces selling for $20. each.
      I wish I had purchased one. They were really quite nice and would look good with something casual- like jeans and a smart shirt or long sleeved sweater. Maybe it’s just the garish color, and amount of buttons that puts you ladies off with this idea. I plan to give it a try with my button box as my palette, and the best quality thread I have.

  8. I have actually been looking for a copy of this and can’t find one 😦 I have a button collection and would like to experiment a bit and plan on creating a watch band. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I agree with Brooke – a different selection should have been placed on the front cover. I’ve seen a photo of the back cover and there are more attractive versions. A friend of mine wore a button necklace all in ivory tones. With her bronze coloring it looked great!

    • Yes Debbie the Ivory tones are what I favored. I would also mention using the best thread you can afford- I used to order fabulous threads from Lousianna- I really must look into that.

  9. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a copy of this pamphlet.

    These necklaces, when crafted by someone who loves to crochet and also has a sense of color and texture, come out beautifully.
    I’ve seen them in exclusive catalogs for over $100.00.

    What is someone’s trash is another’s treasure.

  10. I’ve actually seen people wearing very classy versions of this idea…made tastefully with much finer yarn and vintage buttons…and I’ve also seen some totally shocking nasty cheap looking ones like this.
    Someone mentioned belly-dancing mums of crafty daughters…. well sorry …no …. she wouldn’t inflict it on me and I wouldn’t wear it if she did!

  11. Im sure that necklace makes some weird clacking noise when you wear it. It would be fun to make and then hide it, in a closet, in the BACK of the closet.

  12. I saw a craft where someone crohet around buttons and created some beautiful pins, flowers, a shamrock and even a cute flamingo. Would like to get some ideas how to do it. The flower had one center button and around that six smaller buttons.It was all connected with delicate crochet and then starched to keep it stiff. If someone could help me it would be appreciated.

  13. Does anyone have a simple button necklace pattern to share????

  14. I received one of these as a gift and I love it! The maker has a wonderful color-sense. Every time I’ve worn it (usually over a black turtle neck) total strangers have approached for a closer look (and touch, if permitted). Then comes “I love that! It is beautiful! OMG it’s buttons!!! Did you make it? Can you tell me where to find the pattern?” I agree that the cover photo item is a bit gauche, but a crocheter with a good eye can do wonders with a nice collection of grandma’s buttons.

  15. Believe it or not, the basic pattern from that book is on the web! Here you go:
    The designer was on a craft show demonstrating the technique, and she allowed the basic pattern to be published online several years ago. Luckily, nobody has removed it. I hope this gets to everybody who is hunting the pattern, because I get requests at my web site all the time and don’t have anymore of the books.

    • Jennie you are a dear! Thanks for the site- I’m going to start my first button necklace . This appears to be the exact one I saw at the Christmas House and didn’t purchase.
      Have a great holiday!

  16. Thanks, Jennie. What a treat to get a copy of Crochet Button Necklace #1. I appreciate your generosity.

  17. For those of you who are mercifully free of the dreaded “collector” disease, it may seem ridiculous to even want to make a piece of jewelry out of buttons (or insert here bottlecaps, pencil stubs, charms, beach glass, typewriter keys, whatever). This is ART, ladies. I have made (& sold & taught) aplenty of these button necklaces, granted I used cool yarns & cooler buttons–and my technique is somewhat different & easier than the one described here. The women j who wear these necklaces are amazed & delighted with the attention the necklaces get–one overhears someone on the next aisle of the store saying “you’ve gotta go over there & see that necklace! It’s all buttons!”
    And for BUTTON COLLECTORS (yep, we exist–and a more dedicated compulsive group would be hard to find), a tastefully designed crochet button necklace is THE PERFECT method for displaying your favorite large through-holebutton collection, in an artful, non-damaging, just-plain-fun way. Just imagine a necklace made of all faceted clear glass buttons on a silky ombre crochet cord, or all black mourning buttons, or all wooden buttons, or all bakelite buttons. Pretty smashing looking!

    • Is therr any way you can tell us how you do the necklace? I haven’t crocheted in years and i’m feeling a bit frustrated as i read through the directions. Any houghts, suggestions? My daughter was given one that has three strands of crocheted buttons and it’s just beautiful.

  18. Wow! These necklaces are cool! Can’t wait to start making them, they’re so different. I’m thinking of crafting one or two as competition entries in this year’s arts and crafts section of the local show.

  19. I think you people all need to get a life if all you have to do is knock down other people’s art & crafts.

  20. I agree with Chelsea. The work in these necklaces requires dexterity and concentration on detail that is well beyond my own abilities. I have one of these necklaces that has color way and style that everyone compliments.
    I do not crochet very well, I have tried but I just do not have the co-ordination and dexterity required to do these tiny stitches. I am really glad that others do…I enjoy the fruits of their work!

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