Frosting Halter

Frosting Halter

Wait for it… the animation of this frosted beauty takes a moment… it’s worth it to see all the different ways you can wear this! To quote the site it’s selling on:

Halter made out of super soft and warm frost yarn. Can be worn as a shawl or sarong as well. Fabulous design for the chilly weather. Absolutely gorgeous! Made of: frosting furry like yarn.

Just what the h*ll is frosty furry like yarn? You certainly can’t find that on the market! It retails for $45 US but please allow the designer 5-7 days to crochet this beauty because it takes awhile to get frosting on your halter!

And oh yes, it’ll definitely be warm because halters were really meant for the cool weather weren’t they? And not to mention the one view of her chest completely exposed…at least put a top on that mannequin before you go ahead and flash her chest!

21 Responses to “Frosting Halter”

  1. Yick. The last thing I want to do is look like a birthday cake!

  2. Didn’t anybody bother to explain to this drivelling idiot that “frosting” means “icing”, and both sound pretty freaking cold to me, anyway! So, no, there is NO warmth to be had with this nightmare. . .

  3. You know, I think showing that monstrosity probably qualifies as cruel and unusal punishment. And we won’t even **begin** to start on what type of torture it would be to actually make somewhere wear it!! By the way, has anyone seen my eyeball? They popped out when I saw that and I haven’t found them since.

  4. “And not to mention the one view of her chest completely exposed…at least put a top on that mannequin before you go ahead and flash her chest!”

    Hehe… that was going to be my comment from the beginning. Great minds think alike.

  5. I know what I’m getting my friends for Christmas.

  6. Words fail me, and since I was eating when I first spotted this horror on your neat site, my stomach very nearly failed me also.

  7. I figured the shawl without a top was the porn look.

    The whole mesh of colors and textures is painful. And any way that isn’t topless makes the subject look pregnant.

  8. It looks like someone spewed birthday cake all over this poor woman… yuck.

  9. Amusingly enough it’s only $45. Compare that to the $140 crocheted swatch top and loop-de-loop hat.

    Quite the bargain!

    *runs away barfing*

  10. U-G-L-Y

  11. Ogawd, Gramma’s drunk again!

  12. Oh, this is just an atrocity!
    After looking at this “thing”, I’m embarrassed to say I love to crochet!

  13. I know there’s an a midwestern alcoholic sorority girl somewhere just dying for this thing to arrive in the mail so she can wear it with her uggs. By any chance is this part of the Bob Mackie crochet for Cher website?

  14. Jackie, I’m embarassed for you.

  15. 4 words. Fake. Pink. Bunny. Fur.

  16. Not until I see it on Oprah or Martha of poncho fame.

    (I believe I’m fairly safe)…well, as safe as you can
    BE in a world where this sort of thing exists and is

  17. Frosting is a type of yarn made be Yarn Bee, aka, Hobby Lobby brand yarn. It’s a really nice yarn to use, but why torture it this way? What did that yarn ever do to you?

  18. WHAT THE??? Should be illegal to show this!

  19. Oops, had to think… okay never mind Opah or Martha, where’s Dr.Phil? Help!


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