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December 11, 2005

Poodle Hair Hats

Poodle HatHow many of you think wearing poodle hair on your head is cool and hip? Here’s a great example of what you can do with poodle hair if you spin it up yourself! Lovely isn’t it?

The hat is called “french organic earth faerie“. Have you noticed how people throw in French to describe anything weird to pass it off as stylish? Last time I checked, French people were pretty stylish and that certainly didn’t mean wearing poodle hair on their heads.

In case you really want to know what’s in the hat content, here it is:

handspun poodle (yes, a dog!) [notice the emphasis here…even the maker is shocked it’s actually dog hair], cotton, flax, wool, alpaca, silk noil, ramie, camel [more animal content…yaaa!], copper wire, silver string

Can you imagine the stink if this hat ever got wet?  Oh ya, wet poodle and wet camel is very enticing that’s for sure.

For a mere $99 US this hat is a steal for anyone who wants to buy it!

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