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December 6, 2005

Regal Red & Purple

Red & PurpleSince when does red and purple rule?  Can you believe this pattern leaflet?  And you can make 9 absolutely regal designs too…oh ya, for sure…because red and purple are the BEST colours to put together…NOT! 

Here’s the description for the pattern leaflet:

Indulge in a little red and purple yarn, the brighter the better, and create absolutely regal crochet designs for yourself and your wanna-have-fun friends! Start with a wardrobe of red hats — we’ve included three charming styles. One even has a matching tote bag. Fling one of the three fun and easy scarves around your neck and you’ll be fabulous! And if you really want to feel like you reign over the world, make a Royal Scepter and be in command at all your royal gatherings. Proudly wear your red and purple splendor — you deserve it!

Bright red and purple to make you regal and to feel like you’re reigning over the world?  Okay, puke…and then make yourself a sceptor and proudly wear your red and purple splendor?  Oh my!  And if that’s the sceptor she’s holding in the picture, she better be careful…looks a tad like a witch in a red & purple hat!  And that is definitely regal!

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