Fuzz Ball Ponchos

Fuzz Ball PonchoWhat are those fuzzy things in all those gaudy colours?? I don’t even know what those puffs are??!? Fuzz balls? There are some pretty hideous ponchos out there but this one really is an abomination… why would you put puffs on your poncho? Not to mention that the yarn looks really cheap too… It looks like a thread yarn of some type that should only be used for doilies. This is an actual pattern booklet too… love the title “Poncho Pizazz”… ya, ponchos with extra-large fuzz balls on them really are quite pizazzy.

8 Comments to “Fuzz Ball Ponchos”

  1. Is that what becomes of the garbage we toss after peeling it off of our dryers’ lint screens? Is it an elf/pixie/fairy/gnome conspiracy? Maybe Big Bird ate a bad pizza, and this poor tyke happened to be standing too close. . .

  2. Yikes. I think that is actually an adult wearing that thing.

  3. Those, my friend, are yarn sores. It’s an insidious malady that I’ve known affects knitters. Apparently now, it’s also rampant in the crochet community. Be careful. It is believed to be highly contagious. If you see someone with yarn sores, do not go near them.


    Scroll down to the bottom… the last picture is the one you’re looking for, although, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the whole thing.

  4. My Grandma made me crotcheted pants with several coordinating vests with pompom tie closures. Does anyone remember those vests? They were pretty popular at the time. She also made me some matching skull caps with the left over yarn. And did I mention that all of the above were made out of my Grandma’s favourite crotcheting yarn of the time, which would be Phentex. PHENTEX! Could any yarn be more artificial and itchy? And the brown phentex was really the “dung-iest” colour on earth. I loved my Grandma, that’s for sure, and I word these items when we went to her place for dinners some Sundays but, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in them. Because the pants were so itchy and full of gaping holes, my Mom sewed shorts in a matching colour and lined the pants with them. I tell you, I was a high fashion sight! I could have been on the cover of Vogue Knitting and Crotcheting.

  5. I hate to say it, but all I can think of when I see those puffs of yarn is clown pubic hair.

  6. hahha all yall amaturs are funny

  7. She sewed dead psychedelic tribbles to her poncho.


  8. Oh my goodness please put the dryer lint back it doesn’t belong on a poncho

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