Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals

Not too sure what to say about these except that sandals usually have a sole to them and what possible function do these serve?

They have a certain cuteness factor to them but still, what’s the point? To make your feet look sexy and to turn on your significant other?!

The pattern says that gauge isn’t important either…wonder why??!! LOL

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  1. Filed under “Most Useless Way to Spend a Friday Night”.
    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – people are idiots.

  2. Pole dancing comes to mind……

  3. They seem to be made out of grey dk yarn as well. If I was going to make these (which I’m not!) I might make them out of something fine and pretty, possibly sparkly. Not grey dk. And maybe I’d crochet in some sequins, or beads, or little bells. Actually that could be quite cool at something like a music festival.

  4. What the-… did u read the previous comment? “…that could be quite cool…” and she was even contemplating them *looking* good?  All i can say, is that person wearing those “sandals” was either drug induced or paid huge sums of money to wear them.  Let’s take a moment of silence for that poor tortured person .. v_v *silence*

  5. Don’t give the bellydancer down at Uncle Tasso’s any ideas—I do believe she’d try these in black with beads and sequins!

  6. These could be great if they were a) in a different yarn and b) attached to a sole.

  7. Maybe they’re made for swimming or going to the beach or something. But still, this is awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a beadwork verson of it, but using crochet for a pair of barefoot sandals would be awful. (And look at the color. Ugh!)

  8. It looks like she started on a thong panty and ran out of yarn.

  9. As a San Diegan, I can honestly tell you I love crochet’d barefoot sandals.

    Most people walk barefoot on our beaches. Having a little something on your feet is kind of fun, though. Beach fashion is a law unto itself.

    That said, however, the only acceptable barefoot sandals are those crochet’d from *thread.* Preferably beaded.

    Giant chunky yarn in a dull color like slate blue (good color for everything *but* beachwear) just sucks all the cool out of the concept.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with Maryann, preferring a thread/bead
    BF sandal to a heavy crocheted yarn one. Not cool and not sexy. These little items can be everything from just simple, cute and fun to very sexy (for the foot lover). Either way, much more for show than practicality.

  11. I think they’d be kinda sorta cute done in thread… I’d wear them b/c I have a scar on the top of my foot and that would cover it… but what would be uglier, the sandal or the scar? hmmm.

  12. You’re all haters. If it gets someone to appreciate the art of crochet, so be it!!! Or even to pick up a hook and LEARN to crochet! Give people a break! geez.

  13. Honestly, the hippy in me wants to pull out the hemp thread and start crocheting! (Ugly grey yarn, go a-w-a-y)

    My new crochet motto is: If you don’t like it, make fun of it or make it better.

    What a riot this blog is! I never imagine that crochet could be even more fun than it already is!

  14. hi. well im doing a project on barefoot sandals and there are different styles of them like wire ones with beading on them… this one just seems to be one of the uglier ones… one of the very very ugly one… well still they arnt that bad!!

  15. these are lovely i just love them maybe because i absolutely hate shoes and socks i would never use my shoes nor socks, i would throw them away. NOW. these are super sandals i just think i love them!

  16. I do something similar with beadwork. Hand decor, as well…’gloves’ if you will. No practical use, just jewelry/frillery…

  17. Where’d this pattern come from? It’s adorable! They’d go well on stage in gold with beading, or when you’re doing belly-dance.

  18. I’m doing some like this in gold thread with beads and bells. They’re perfect for belly-dancers.

  19. I was delighted to see this pattern. I am in a wheelchair and wearing shoes is very painful for me. I don’t really like to go out barefoot, even though I am sure no one would kick me out of stores, restaurants, etc. I am definitely going to make myself some of these. I don’t think people will be aware that I don’t have ‘soles’ on the bottom of my feet.

  20. ummm, does anyone know of any foot fetish websites out there? Maybe I can start crocheting for profit.

  21. Guess some of you never heard of barefoot sandals? They likely originated in ancient India as a form of self-expression. We use them primarily for making your feet look cute in the summertime. For those of you who are interested, the pattern shown is available on the Lion Brand Yarn website for free. They probably used thick grey yarn so the design would show up on the model’s feet.

  22. Like the last person said, these are used as decorations. They were actually derived back when the U.S. and Canada had slaves. The free slaves would wrap leather belts around their feet to symbolize they were free. If you experiment a little, you can make them very attractive. I have made dozens of these. Children love them and adults like smaller ones to wear on their hands like bracelets.

  23. I’m doing a pair of these for belly dancing, but out of thread. I’d never make them out of anything thicker, and I’d also never wear them for anything but belly dancing.

  24. I must say, I do like making and wearing barefoot sandals. Going barefoot is almost like a religion for me, so for me, these barefoot sandals are kinda like wearing a bracelet or rings on your arms/hands. Personally, this pattern is kinda gaudy, there are much nicer designs around.

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. I’m a big fan of going barefoot, but I’d seen no use
    for these things until I read the posts by the belly dancer and someone from India. I still maintain that living with pets who leave surprises, a sole is an excellent idea. Don’t try crocheting these for non-belly dancers for Christmas, it may be your last Christmas exchange with them ever!

  26. These are great for people who enjoy walking barefoot everywhere (see Barefooters.Org for more info on that), but don’t wish to deal with negative stares from people. They kind of give the illusion that the person is wearing sandals. Relax & open your mind.

  27. These can be a pratical item even for pool side if you worked them in a juicy color of WW crochet cotton. You can add a little sun protection to that tender skin on the tops of your feet which I’m sure everyone may have missed with the sunblock at least once in your life. I have seen much cuter patterns out there for this type of item.

  28. I have made many pairs of bare-foot sandals for my children and their friends. I make them using thread and beads and the kids just love them! I have even made them for some belly dancer friends. I think that bare-foot sandals are just plain fun!

  29. The reason why Bare Foot sandals are what they are, is because, there is a certain group of people who don’t believe in wearing shoes and if you look it up it is really quite interesting. There’s medical reasons even as to why they do not wear shoes. Now…before you make fun, i think you should concider that everyone is intitled to their own beliefs and i’m am sure there are numerous amounts of people who think that some of the things you do or believe are silly.
    If you walk into a store the first thing you see on the sign is, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service. Well, as i said before there are many reasons why these people will not put a pair of shoes on their feet. So how do they shop or go out in puplic. The barefoot shoes give the apperance of someone wearing shoes. Obviously if you took a good look at them you could see that they were fake, but how often do you stare at someones feet. These shoes actually trick the human mind into thinking that they are wearing shoes, and it is easy for them to get away with entering a store.

  30. I don’t where shoes anywhere besides at work. I’m a stylist so it would be pretty gross to be barefoot standing in hair; plus it’s against the law. Otherwise, I’m barefoot!! Sometimes I get self conscious walking into grocery stores or nice restaurants with no shoes. These would be a great way to mediate between barefoot and shoes!!! These ones aren’t particularly attractive, but the idea of a barefoot sandal is great!

  31. These shoes are for the beach or poolside or anywhere else that u would go that required a person to be barefoot. i live in the city and i have a gold beaded pair and i get lots of compliments on them while i sunbathe at the beach. women ask me all the time where i purcahsed them. they are juat an accessory not to be confused with real shoes. these are not too cute though, but they have plenty of online sites where there are nice ones. i think mine are by michele.

  32. bah.. it’s all about taste people. if you’re not into the hippie/boho/gypsy style.. then sure, these’s aren’t for you. I am so I find it cute… it could be made cuter for sure… in fact, a beaded version of this would be awesome (for me) and I wish there was a link posted cause I would consider buying a pair ^_^

  33. Geez people….what’s the big there something wrong with wanting to dress up your feet? It’s almost like a anklet or a toe ring, just for looks..but only for people like me who like to be different than everybody else..i’ve have made a couple of these and i love them, and so do my kids!

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE ….I think the yarn used is AWESOME …..there is no limiting barefoot sandals to just thread….some of the Goddier one are great… these …they would be perfect on a hot day with some cute shorts and a lil tank ………maybe a matching bag…….there sure are alot of close minded people in this world…..its unfortunate!

  35. I love being barefoot and I hate when you’re trying to walk along the beach and your shoes fill with sand (yes even flipflops seem to do this. This particular pattern may not be the best example but their are so many cute designs that are perfect for just dressing up your feet or tying up your favourite beech outfit. Also since I am very prone to forget to lotion my feet some of the designs have helped protect me from sunburn. Also I’ve made a few of these which I like so much I later attached to a sole when some store bought ones were too uncomfortable or broke so for those of you seem restricted to the thought that shoes must have soles if you like the pattern buy some sandals from the dollar store or somewhere like that and convert them!

  36. I don’t understand all the harsh comments. Other than the color (which may be prettier than the photo) I think these areeasy,different,and cute.

  37. I’m a strictly socks and shoes girl and even I think these are cute. And I’m on board with the fact that the yarn and the color aren’t really working for the project. But why WHY would you wear these if you like to tan? Lattice patterned tan lines. hawt.

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